The pantry program is a tool where food donated from the community and purchased by The Salvation Army helps families and individuals through financial turmoil.  The pantry can also serve as an entry point for those whom need more in depth case management.  The pantry allows us to work with residents and help them create a budget of their own.

Food Boxes are given out to families four times a year, not including Christmas.  The space of time between each food box should be one month.  This can vary case by case at the discretion of the corps officers and case worker.   The contents of each food box will vary with the donations received and the degree of need.  It is important for the client to realize when they set an appointment they will need to leave the appointment with their food box; so they should arrange appropriate transportation.  If they cannot take their food box when they leave their appointment they will need to setup a new appointment for their food box.

The goal of the pantry program is two pronged.  1. To help those struggling through tough times and 2. Help them work toward self-sufficiency.  This is accomplished by helping our consumers realize the resources that are in the community, setting goals for them so that they can learn to budget effectively, help them learn to manage the money they have, and help them find better sources of income.

If you have questions about the food pantry or need to setup an appointment please contact us.