The Salvation Army has the option of helping those that have no where to go or are in imminent danger of losing thier housing.  This funding allows The Salvation Army to put clients up for a short stay in a motel that will act as a stopgap until they can find for sufficient and stable housing. 

The amount of nights given varies from case to case.  It can be as short as one night and as many as five nights.  In special cases involving fire victims or domestic assault refferrals we can help up to two weeks. 

For those in need to take advatage of this program all other options will have to be exhausted.  The caseworker at the time of the appointment will follow up on all other avenues before releasing a voucher for a night of stay.  If the caseworker deems that there is another place for the consumer to stay that is safe and stable for the client, that must be the thier first option.  If the client refuses safe and stable housing they will not be able to recieve a motel voucher from The Salvation Army. 

First point of contact for homeless and those imminently in danger of being homeless in St. Joseph county is the Keystone shelter in Centreville.  We ask that all those who are setting up an appointment with The Salvation Army for motel vouchers first get an evaluation with Keystone to be put on thier shelter’s waiting list. 

If you have any further questions or would like to setup an appointment for Motel help please contact us.